AFT’s mission is to provide our clients the best solution to their foundation testing needs. In some cases, Static (ASTM D1143), Bi-Directional (ASTM D8369), or Statnamic (ASTM D7383) load tests are simply not the best fit for a project. This is why AFT has developed our drop hammer dynamic test systems for Augercast piles, drilled shafts, driven piles, micropiles, and even helical piles. Our drop hammer systems conform to ASTM D4945 (High-Strain Dynamic Testing of Deep Foundations).

AFT understands the strengths of each method and always selects, without bias, the most cost effective and technically sound testing tool for the application. When it is decided drop hammer testing is the best fit for the application, we provide outstanding equipment designed by our engineers based on 30+ years of experience performing dynamic testing. With three different drop hammer devices, we have versatility to best match the equipment to the project needs.

Over the years of testing, it was found that certain nuances in the way the impact is applied result in exceptional data quality. Anyone can drop a weight, but AFT has perfected the impact and the equipment. We have also witnessed serious safety concerns in competing systems on the market and can proudly say ours is the safest drop hammer system available.

Client support and service is our biggest strength. We stand by you every step of the way throughout the planning stages, meetings, submittal process, foundation and site preparation, scheduling, equipment mobilization, testing, demobilization, preliminary, and final reporting. Your success means our success.

System Design Features:

  • Test capacities up to 2,000 tons (higher loads available upon special request)
  • Ram weights from 8 kips to 60 kips
  • Proprietary instrumented follower minimizes or even eliminates pile top preparation
  • Self-leveling with hydraulic outriggers
  • Stability with wide equipment footprint
  • Ram lifted and dropped hydraulically (reduces crane dependency)
  • Precision drop height settings from less than 1 foot to 8 feet
  • Simple to assemble and disassemble
  • Equipment designed with safety in mind
  • Exceptional Data Quality
    • Precise ram impact alignment for best data quality
    • Highly uniform impact force for best data quality
    • Ram contact area optimized for best data quality

Results Include:

  • CAPWAP resistance estimate
  • Distribution of side and base resistance
  • Structural integrity assessment

Common Applications Include:

  • Existing foundations that are desired to be reused
  • Dedicated test foundations which are pre-planned
  • Production foundations as part of a pre-planned quality control program
  • Production foundations which have a deviation in the constructed element that may or may not be detrimental to performance
  • Where a high energy restrike blow is needed on a driven pile

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