Applied Foundation Testing provides the full range of expert dynamic testing and analysis services. AFT engineers have been involved in dynamic testing (EDC / PDA) for over two decades and have performed thousands of dynamic tests. AFT knows the merits and limitations of dynamic testing and leverages the technology to make practical, unbiased engineering decisions – independently. Many of our engineers possess the Foundation QA Dynamic Pile Testing Certification. With our staff of Qualified Pile Driving Installation Inspectors, we also provide production foundation certification.

We employ these techniques with engineering judgment to determine optimum pile lengths and driving criteria.

From bridges to port facilities, from commercial building structures to 700-foot-long piles in the Gulf of Mexico, dynamic testing programs performed by AFT have resulted in foundation cost savings and for solving client’s issues.

Dynamic Testing Services Offered:

  • Driveability Studies

    • Pre-bid

    • Pre-construction

  • Wave Equation Analysis (WEAP)

  • EDC Training Programs
  • EDC Installations
  • Dynamic Pile Testing

    • EDC Testing with Certification up to Level – 2

    • PDA with certification up to Master Level

    • Signal Matching Analysis

    • Independent Tip & Skin Capacity Analysis (SmartPile® Analysis)
  • Practical Engineering Interpretation

  • Engineering Recommendations

    • Pile Lengths

    • Driving Criteria

  • Independent Verification Testing

AFT’s extensive experience, method of approach, and independent status have resulted in us to be a preference for the owners, engineers, and contractors. We have also functioned in an oversight role in performing independent verification testing and analysis for other dynamic testing consultants.

AFT has different offices in Florida, North Carolina, and Louisiana. Therefore, we can provide secure local coverage of the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic United States. Also, our reputation promoted us to be a part of the projects in other parts of the world, including Canada, the Caribbean, and South America.

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