What does your rock socket look like? Our advanced mechanical Caliper Logging system measures shaft diameter and verticality – precisely, quickly, and easily. Our mechanical caliper overcomes limitations of sonic caliper methods which are effected by slurry density.

Current capabilities include wet or dry shafts up to 12 feet in diameter and 300 feet in depth. Drilled shaft dimensional data is available immediately on site and later presented in 2-D plots of diameter vs depth, inclination vs depth, or a full 3-D shaft rendering.

Advantages of Sonic Caliper:

  • Physical measurement more accurate than reflected sonic wave interpretation
  • Mechanical contact arms are unaffected by slurry density
  • Rapid deployment and data collection
  • Direct device calibration for reliable measurements


AFT is currently writing labview software to print 3D. Here is a very early result of that effort: