We mark AFT-Cell® Bi-Directional Load Test as the newest addition to the AFT service line, as it was launched in 2015. This testing method offers all the benefits of a traditional static load test without the added time and cost required to erect the reaction framework. The embedded AFT-Cell® turns the test shaft into its reaction frame by separating the foundation into two sections, drastically reducing test setup time and cost.

The concept behind bi-directional load testing involves separating the foundation, in some cases, loading from the tip using one or more consumed hydraulic jacks commonly known as Cells. Data from embedded displacement and strain sensors are combined with pressure and load data from the cell and analyzed similarly to a traditional static load test.

The essential advantage of the bi-directional method is the ability to operate without a reaction system, enabling AFT-Cell® to succeed in confined or difficult to access work areas. As all the heavy equipment necessary to complete the load test is installed within the reinforcement before installation, the load test can be conducted with minimal personnel and negligible setup time. This standardized procedure enables our clients to continue performing other activities, while AFT personnel completes the load test.

The testing method offered a variety of sizes and operated respectively in parallel. The AFT-Cell® is one of the most versatile load tests in the market and can be installed into almost any size and shape cast-in-place foundation or precast foundation element. Our proprietary design facilitates extremely high hydraulic pressures that are developed, allowing a relatively small AFT-Cell® to pack a serious punch.

Combining various aspects, AFT-Cell® is a foundation testing powerhouse that provides services at a competitive price. Aspects include precision instrumentation, advanced testing hardware and software, and the support by one of the most experienced firms in the business.

Segmental strain analysis within the test shaft is accomplished with embedded strain gages at multiple levels. Gages are monitored during the load test to determine the unit side and base resistance. Strain gages and AFT-Cells are manufactured by AFT in the USA.



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