AFT performing remediation grouting of 10-foot diameter drilled shafts.


AFT recognizes Drilled Shafts have unmatched benefits as a foundation system for many transportation and infrastructure projects. They are capable of resisting high axial and flexural loads. Their ability to have variable depths and diameters over a wide range combined with their suitability to a wide range of ground conditions, including installation into rock, make them highly competitive based on cost and performance. But their construction is among the most challenging of any construction operation. Successful construction of drilled shafts depends on providing stability of the excavation and then properly placing steel and concrete. Unfortunately, sometimes issues happen during construction where they are not in conformance with the plans and specifications. AFT is here to help you through this unfortunate scenario.

When a potential or actual defect has been identified by any of the typical assessment methods (inspection, NDT, or coring), an engineering evaluation is the next step toward determining whether the shaft can be accepted as-built or if a remediation process should be initiated. In these cases, an engineering evaluation may show the as-built foundation is capable of meeting the performance demands for which it was designed. If the as-built drilled shaft is found not to meet acceptance criteria, corrective actions are necessary to improve or, dare to say, replace the foundation so that it will satisfy the applicable performance demands.

AFT has demonstrated extensive experience in the successful acceptance evaluation process for drilled shafts. When an engineering evaluation shows a drilled shaft needs remediation, the repair itself can be a challenging proposition. AFT will use our experience to design and implement the remediation itself. We support our clients in the acceptance process from start to finish. Our services include the following:

  • Constructability review during bid phase
  • Assistance and consulting in developing the Drilled Shaft Installation Plan
  • Drilled shaft inspection services
  • Non-Destructive Testing (CSL, Thermal, Gamma-Gamma)
  • Coring
  • Engineering Analysis
  • Remediation Design
  • Grouting Equipment and Packer systems
  • Automated Monitoring
  • Post Repair Engineering Evaluation
  • Client Support and guidance through Process


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