AFT conducted an axial load test utilizing its 40 MN STATNAMIC™ device on the frigid waters of the Gatineau River in December 2014. The new bridge connecting Northfield and Gracefield, Québec, Canada, replaces an aging steel truss structure placed under load restriction in 2012. The new bridge is built using pieux de caisson (pipe pile piers), a relatively new design for Québec. The new bridge is designed to contend with the geological and meteorological conditions of the area. The construction is perhaps to serve as a model for replacement bridges and the aging infrastructure providing access to the surroundings of Montréal.

The test caisson measured nearly 10 feet in diameter with a wall thickness of 1.5 inches and an overall length of 166 feet. Using STATNAMIC™, AFT was able to provide a 1,700-ton load test with minimal equipment and infrastructure brought to the job site.