New 650 million-dollar signature cable-stay bridge at the Port of Long Beach is supported on over 350 base grouted Cast in Drilled Hole (CIDH) pile (drilled shafts). The varying diameters of the bridge are 5, 6, and 8 feet, while the maximum length is 188 feet.

AFT was invited to the project as an expert base grouting consultant partially through the ongoing load test program. AFT’s extensive experience and contributions ultimately made the base grouting and load test program a  phenomenal success. AFT designed an award-winning tip grout distribution plate used on the project that received the William C Bermingham Award for Innovation. Our responsibilities included developing tip grouting procedures, technical special provision writing, design of grouting systems, shop drawings, plan drawings, advising on grouting equipment. We helped in providing automated grouting instrumentation, advising on field grouting operations, analysis of grouting data, and engineering reports on the tip grouting results.