The privacy policy is adopted by Applied Foundation Testing (hereinafter referred to as AFT) in accordance with the global regulatory and data protection compliances such as GDPR/ PII etc.

AFT may ask the user of this website to furnish personal information such as name, address, profession, job title and contact details to download any content from the website or to get in touch with us for service related queries.

By providing the information, the user of the AFT website agrees that AFT can contact the user through email or mobile phone/ telephone during the business hours. The user may, however, opt out of providing information. AFT doesn’t force any individual/ association/ enterprise to provide his/ her/ their personal details.

All the information provided by the user is safe with AFT, and that AFT doesn’t share this information with any third-party service providers. However, AFT is within its right to share the information to law enforcement authorities if we receive a request.

AFT encourages its website users to share our content on to their social media platforms. In such events, the personal information of the users that they provided on their respective social media platforms may be recorded by default.

Based on the data provided by the individual users, we may run email or other promotional campaigns. You agree that you understand the same and raise no objections over the same. You may, however, opt out of promotional emails sent to your email id by writing to AFT.

Cookies Policy

Cookies are temporary files that are stored on the user’s personal computer/ mobile device and then resent to the website when the individual revisits the website. Cookies are pertinent to send push notifications and recognize the user’s device.

AFT uses cookies to collect information to enhance the browsing experience. We may also use cookies to know website analytics.

Any user accessing the website will get an automatic notification to accept cookies. Every user is free to reject cookies. However, certain parts of the website may not be accessible in case you don’t accept the cookies.