30,000 kip AFT-Cell Test Completed for Wellsburg West Virginia Bridge

January 15, 2019

Working in cold winter weather conditions, AFT partnered with Brayman Construction to successfully complete a 30,000 kip load test on a drilled shaft constructed from a work trestle over the Ohio River. 

High Capacity Static Load Testing for Tampa’s West Extension of the Selmon Expressway

December 04, 2018

AFT completes another successful high capacity load test. Shown is our 1,500 ton top down static test system, setup in the median of busy Gandy Blvd in South Tampa. All part of the foundation construction by Kiewit for the new Lee Roy Selmon Expressway West Extension project. As usual, we utilized fully automated instrumentation for high precision measurements monitored from a safe distance away. Contact us for your next static load test project. We can handle the test from design to final report and everything in between.  

FDOT Makes Use of Statnamic Load Testing in West Palm Beach, Florida

October 23, 2018

AFT recently performed three Statnamic Load Tests for the FDOT bridge replacement project at SR80 Southern Blvd over the Intracoastal Waterway in West Palm Beach, Florida. The drilled shaft foundations for the new bridge utilize AFT’s manufactured tip grouting apparatus and base grouting to increase usable end bearing. The test program included pressure grouting of the drilled shaft tip via pre-installed grout apparatus, followed by top down Statnamic load testing. Statnamic applied test loads ranged from 4,500 kips to 7,200 kips. AFT also supplied our state of the art Shaft inspection Device (SID) and will be performing CSL testing on all the upcoming production shafts on the project. Check out the VIDEO of this test, just click the YouTube button on the bottom of our website.

1,000 kips of Lateral Static Load Test Ability

August 23, 2018

Simplicity and highly effective. AFT upgraded our lateral static load test capabilities with the addition of this 1,000 kip lateral test strut. Ideal for Drilled Shafts and Pile groups. Push or pull while allowing the pile head to freely rotate. Allows accurate back fitting of results to modeling programs. We apply fully automated precision electronic instrumentation above ground, embedment gages, and reusable downhole instruments for deflected shape with depth. Automation allows our tests to be performed a safe distance away. Give us a call, we offer complete solutions to all your load testing needs.   

Static Load Testing with a Backdrop

July 31, 2018

We appreciate the unique opportunities our clients give us. This time it was set in beautiful British Columbia, Canada. When the phone rang and we were asked if we could do a 3,000 kip top down load test, the answer was YES. AFT combined our static test equipment and know how with the resources of our client to successfully complete a series of complex high capacity static load tests on large diameter open end pipe piles. Our engineers answered the strict safety policies of the project by fully automating the high precision tests so they could be ran from a safe distance away.

AFTCell Mele in Hawaii

October 31, 2017

AFT is proud to be a part of the latest phase of the Honolulu Rail Transit project working with the JV of Shimick Traylor Granite. This is the third segment of the project known as the Airport Guideway and Stations Design Build Contract. It includes a 5.15-mile segment of elevated guideway and four stations all supported on Drilled Shaft foundations. AFT-Cell’s were used extensively on the project but one in particular stands out. The project engineering team needed to test the base resistance of a 10 foot diameter drilled shaft with its tip at 226 feet underground. AFT answered their questions with 28,000 kips of AFT-Cell firepower. 

Smallbore = Big Results with AFT-Cell

August 31, 2017

AFT recently achieved a load test record for the Tampa Bay Area. To maximize the side resistance that could be mobilized in a test shaft, we worked with our client Case Atlantic and the geotechnical engineer Terracon to design a test shaft with the optimal diameter to test capacity. The team finally decided on a 3 foot (~1 m) diameter shaft, 94 feet (28.6 m) below ground, socketed into the weathered limestone of the area. The test shaft, that included a high pressure AFT-Cell bi-directional jack, achieved an astonishing resistance of 8,000 kips (36MN). That makes it a pound for pound record in the Tampa Bay Area. 

North American Record Drilled Shaft at 340 feet

March 31, 2017

AFT together with Malcolm Drilling Company has recently accomplished what has never been done in the USA. Drilled shafts were installed to an astounding depth of 340 feet (104 meters) and load tested with our AFT-Cell Bi-Directional Load Test system. Two levels of AFT-Cell assemblies with three cells per level were used to apply test loads in excess of 30,000 kips. The new Oceanwide Center project in San Francisco, California will have the deepest drilled shafts in the country founded well within the Franciscan Complex bedrock. AFT with our load test services provided engineers with the data needed to optimize the drilled shaft design and have piece of mind in the foundation performance. We want to thank Malcolm Drilling Company for the opportunity to be involved in this incredibly challenging landmark project.  

Static Load Testing to the Moon

June 23, 2016

At an un-named lauch pad used for previous Shuttle and Apollo missions, AFT recently completed a series of complex static foundation load tests with our 1500 ton load frame. Ironically, you can see the full moon in the sky at left. When it comes to complex or routine conventional static load testing, you can turn to AFT for our unique testing capabilities.    

AFT-Cell Completes 22,000 kip Load Test for Project Neon in Las Vegas

March 05, 2016

AFT achieved a personal best completing an amazing 22,000 kip load test with our new AFT-Cell Bi-Directional load cell. Pictured here is a high capacity, multiple AFT-Cell installation, for an 8 foot diameter drilled shaft. AFT is working with our long time client, Kiewit, and their drilled shaft subcontractor Hayward Baker to deliver another high quality foundation load testing program.

Using our Test Method Resources

March 31, 2016

When unexpected challenges come up during production pile installation, AFT can put your mind at ease with our array of load testing methods offered. AFT uses our testing resources to develop the best solution for the client. For this site, we used two test methods simultaneously to expedite decision making and move the project schedule. AFT brought our static load test frame configured for tension testing; and at the same time, our engineering team performed Statnamic compression load testing. Numerous questionable production piles were verified very quickly and piece of mind in the foundation performance was provided to everyone involved.

Port of Seattle Terminal 5 Expansion Project

January 18, 2016

Seattle, Washington – Gearing up for the Port of Seattle Terminal 5 Expansion pile load test program, AFT installed embedded strain gage instrumentation in piles at Concrete Technology Corporation’s first class casting yard in Tacoma, Washington. The pile load test program includes STATNAMIC™ testing of strain instrumented 24-inch octagonal piles with single piece lengths of 178 feet and 24-inch and 30-inch open end pipe piles with lengths over 170 feet. The open end pipe piles are being instrumented with AFT’s proprietary external strain gages and mounting system.  

Base Grouted Drilled Shafts for Honolulu Light Rail Project

November 30, 2015

Honolulu, Hawaii –The Honolulu Light Rail Project project is taking impressive shape. Applied Foundation Testing is proud to be a part of this landmark structure on the island of Oahu, Hawaii, supported on our post grouted drilled shafts. Kiewit Infrastructure West Co. in conjunction with AFT used base grouting for the drilled shafts to reduce shaft length and increase constructability.  AFT is also performing CSL testing and Mini-SID inspection services on nearly 300 non-redundant drilled shafts for this phase of the project, known as the Farrington Guideway.  

AFT joins SGL Constructors on I-4 Ultimate Project

June 30, 2015

Orlando, Florida – Applied Foundation Testing – is providing PDA testing and analysis services for this mega project. AFT has also set up an extensive web accessible remote vibration monitoring network. The I-4 Ultimate Project is over 21 miles of interstate through downtown Orlando. The project will involve 15 major interchanges, 53 new bridges and 74 bridge replacements. Thousands upon thousands of piles will be driven and tested. I-4 Mobility Partners is a joint venture of Skanska, Granite, and Lane who will build the 2.3 billion dollar project. AFT is very proud to be a part of this unprecedented FDOT project.

AFT Booth at DFI 40th Annual Conference 2015

October 12, 2015

Oakland, California – The 40th Annual Conference on Deep Foundations took place October 12-14, 2015 at the Oakland Marriott City Center. AFT hosted a booth in the Exhibit Hall presenting its exciting new products and services including AFT-Cell®. Mike Muchard presented “USA State of Practice” – Post Grouting Methods” at the Workshop on Quality Assurance for Post-Grouted Drilled Shafts.