AFT provides a wide range of services for different highway projects, bridge constructions, airports, and railways. The services include geotechnical engineering, instrumentation, expert consulting, and many more. Our team of engineers works on both new and renovation of Transportation/Infrastructure projects.

We work together with the clients in public and private sectors that include government agencies, contractors, owners, and institutions. AFT delivers outstanding results as our technical expertise contributes to accurate solutions. The extensive management experience assists us in meeting the tight deadlines of our clients. Our Transportation/Infrastructure projects include:

  • Bridges and Highways

The projects related to roadways and bridges need to meet standards of environmental protection with different testing procedures. AFT’s testing services evaluate such projects and provide solutions for proper execution. We integrate cost-effective and efficient services and products to various project owners and contractors.


  • Airports/Aviation Terminals

AFT, with an experience of over 22 years, has provided comprehensive services and solutions for airport facilities of different sizes. We have also provided testing services for the expansion and extension of airport runways and access roads. We have implemented engineering-based solutions to geotechnical and environmental issues for the prestigious Tampa International Airport which became successful.


  • Railways

AFT has provided air and groundwater monitoring, regulatory compliance, environmental assessments, and wetlands studies for rail projects.  Our experience has ranged from major expansions of light rail systems in metropolitan areas. The services include an inspection on the rail bed, transfer stations, and parking garages. We have conducted STATNAMIC Load Testing on three drilled shafts for phase 1 of the railway that connects Los Angeles and San Francisco.


AFT experts are skillful at providing solutions to all the industry types irrespective of size. The team can take part in supporting the activities starting from site slection to demolition and re-purposing.

In the field of Manufacturing, the engineers work on solutions in construction to meet the state or federal agencies norms. In particular, air quality issues that may be a threat to the environment should be considered. Such solutions promote a better living while meeting the construction standards.


The major commercial development lies in the areas of geotechnical engineering, construction materials engineering, environmental assessment, testing, and facilities engineering services. Several projects such as retail, office buildings, multi-family, entertainment belong to this segment.

Similar to the other markets, quality, consistency, and cost-effective services play a major role with the clients expectations. The clients’ needs vary depending on their budget allocation and business type. However, the commercial sector needs a huge investemt and so do the owners expect quick returns to compensate the hard work of their sources.


Federal markets have a special place as they are dealt with government agencies. The testing services need to be suitable according to the norms. In case there’s some error occurring in the standards that turn out for a collapse, both parties are responsible to the public. Environmental compliance is another area that need to be administered by the testing firms when accomplishing federal projects.

Real Estate

Real estate includes urban development and redevelopment projects which are a major consideration in both developing and developed countries. However, they have unique challenges in construction industry. The way the buildings are laid varies in each country. The Geotechnical engineers assistance with the strategies in planning do differ depending on the environmental issues.

Deep foreign seek engineering investigations are important in the Real estate market. There might be several partners with varied views in layouts of sky-scrappers. Soil conditions might always not be suitable for all construction. For example walk-area might be a recommendation from the engineers, but it’s a children park that the owners desire. But compromise on constructions lead to adverse effects.


There are significant transformations starting from 2G to the lastest 5G networking in the telecommunications market. The norms keep changing in construction industry with reference to the way the generations advance. The equipment should suit the construction industry should fit into the equipment and its working. Hence the testing department has a lot to perform before executing the construction procedures and installing communications equipment.