July 30, 2020

AFT participates in ‘One of FDOT’s First Uses of Augercast Piles’

Drop Hammer Dynamic Testing for I-395 Signature Bridge – One of FDOT’s First Uses of Augercast Piles AFT recently built and put its second drop hammer dynamic test device into service for the new I-395 Signature Bridge in Miami. It’s one of FDOT’s first uses of augercast piles and includes a robust QC program where AFT is performing dynamic proof load testing on 5% of

May 15, 2020

AFT Participates in Possible World Record Drilled Shaft

Recently AFT took part in a big accomplishment on our Honolulu Light Rail Project on Oahu, Hawaii. A possible record drilled shaft was installed by our client Legacy Drilling. The mammoth drilled shaft was 10-feet in diameter, drilled to an astonishing depth of 357.3 feet. It was installed using an oscillator to place full-length temporary casing, excavation by hammer grab, and water as the drilling

May 13, 2020

AFT Completes Container Terminal Upgrade Project in Mexico’s Pacific Coast Port of Manzanillo

Colima, Mexico: Contecon Manzanillo S.A. de C.V. (CMSA), the Mexican subsidiary of International Container Terminal Services, Inc. (ICTSI), undertook a capacity improvement program at the Port of Manzanillo in Mexico to expand Mexico’s gateway on the Pacific coast. AFT, working with one of our long-standing Contractor clients based out of Panama, installed the new foundation piles for the dock.  We performed construction geotechnical services during

July 31, 2019

Merits of Miniature Shaft Inspection Device

Out of all the civil engineering technologies, the Miniature Shaft Inspection device enjoys a unique position. Founded and first implemented in one of the major projects in Florida in 1986 by the Florida Department of Transportation, this dynamic device helped the structural engineering in finding out the depths of the subsoil that helped in the seamless construction of the Sunshine Skyway Bridge. Since then, this