July 31, 2019

Merits of Miniature Shaft Inspection Device

Out of all the civil engineering technologies, the Miniature Shaft Inspection device enjoys a unique position. Founded and first implemented in one of the major projects in Florida in 1986 by the Florida Department of Transportation, this dynamic device helped the structural engineering in finding out the depths of the subsoil that helped in the seamless construction of the Sunshine Skyway Bridge. Since then, this device has become part and parcel in the construction of significant projects. Read on to find the benefits of the Miniature Shaft Inspection.

By leveraging this new technology, it is possible to understand the extreme bottom surface of a drilled shaft or a bored pile for that matter. Several other benefits come bundled with the miniature device.

Holistic View:  The constructions of skyscrapers and other massive structures are said to be sound when their foundation is ideal. To ensure that the foundations are perfect, it is pertinent for the geotechnical engineers to ensure the quality of the soil underneath. Earlier, civil engineers used to assess based on extracting the soil from the bottom, but still, it would only provide the picture of the soil type. By fixing a camera to this miniature device, the engineers send it down through a shallow shaft until the desired level is reached. Every minute detail is visible on the connected devices, thereby providing a holistic view of the bore.

Ruling out Cracks: A sonics sensor would also be embedded in the miniature shaft inspection device. When the device emits sensors, it will record the condition of the soil and alert the engineer in case of any cracks anywhere along the shallow shaft.

Measures Thickness: This device is also helpful in measuring the width of the debris.

Easy Transportation: Given that the size of the camera and the entire equipment is small, it’s portable to carry to any remote location without any friction.

Time-Saving: To blindly go ahead with the piling without having the 360-degree view of the sidewall shear, shaft bottom, and settlement, it would be a risky, time-consuming, and costly affair for the vendors and contractors. Imagine what would be the situation if the pile fails in a particular location? The entire pile needs to be removed, and testing should be done in another area, which undoubtedly costs dearer. The miniature shaft inspection device eliminates these issues with ease.

Achieves Greater Depths: This device is entirely reliable and safe as it can reach a depth of 200 feet and above without frictions making it an ideal for gigantic constructions. Today, engineering marvels across apparently leveraged this technology.

Fast Analysis: It would take a few minutes for the device to reach the expected depth, thereby providing the overall scenario of the soil in a jiffy.

Feasibility to Save Images: As the camera is directly linked to the computers, the footage can be recorded and viewed as a future reference when a contractor or vendor or customer want to explain their efforts involved in constructing a project right from scratch, which starts with the inspection of the subsurface.

End Bearing Reliability: The Bottom cleanliness of drilled shaft foundations has been proven, through load testing, to directly influence end bearing performance. Further research shows that displaced bottom sediment also reduces side shear in the bottom 1 to 2 shaft diameters. Good bottom cleaning methods such as airlifting and submersible pumps will significantly increase end bearing reliability. The SID provides the ability to verify the effectiveness of these cleaning methods which ultimately provides increased end bearing confidence.

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