March 31, 2017

North American Record Drilled Shaft at 340 feet

AFT together with Malcolm Drilling Company has recently accomplished what has never been done in the USA. Drilled shafts were installed to an astounding depth of 340 feet (104 meters) and load tested with our AFT-Cell Bi-Directional Load Test system. Two levels of AFT-Cell assemblies with three cells per level were used to apply test loads in excess of 30,000 kips. The new Oceanwide Center project in San Francisco, California will have the deepest drilled shafts in the country founded well within the Franciscan Complex bedrock. AFT with our load test services provided engineers with the data needed to optimize the drilled shaft design and have piece of mind in the foundation performance. We want to thank Malcolm Drilling Company for the opportunity to be involved in this incredibly challenging landmark project.

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